How to add a personal email account to your BlackBerry smartphone

A lot of the people around me have a company issued BlackBerry smartphone. Like most BlackBerry device users they love…

A lot of the people around me have a company issued BlackBerry smartphone. Like most BlackBerry device users they love their handy PDA, after all, quite true to the advertisements, it helps them “stay connected” and conveniently at that. If they weren’t on the PDA kick for personal use already, for many their work experience has prompted them to acquire a second BlackBerrry smartphone specifically for personal use.

Now, as petite as they are, carrying two can be obstructive and counter-productive: isn’t this device supposed to simplify things by consolidating them into one?
Yes, that is exactly what it is supposed to do…amongst other things of course.
So how does one consolidate your private communications onto a work issued BlackBerry device?


  1. If you’re using a “Precision” theme

    home screen, "Precision" theme

    Make sure you change the view to a grid view (hit the BlackBerry menu key on your keyboard)


  2. Then make sure all your icons are unhidden, click the BlackBerry button and select “Show All” from the menu

    unhide unhidden

  3. Locate the Email Settings icon, it may be on your Desktop


    Or it may be inside the Setup Folder

    setupfolder setupfolder2

  4. Click on the Email Settings icon, the web browser will be launched – click on “Add My Existing Email Account”

    Add My Existing Email Account

  5. A new window will open – enter your email address

    Enter your existing email address

    And your password, then click “Next” to complete

    enter passsword and click Next

    A confirmation message will display

    Email set-up confirmation

  6. Up to 10 email accounts can be consolidated to your BlackBerry using this method
    Using a personal email account for personal emails will help remove some potential conflict that may exist when using a company issued device for personal purposes.

    But remember if the Company issued it, the Company has a right to it, so if you are going to take advantage of the device for personal purposes, protect your privacy and encrypt your personal emails.

    Be your own advocate and keep your business private.

    The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

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