Bravatek on pace for record setting Q4 Sales Efforts

Bravatek expands sales team to present Ecrypt One and its enhanced line of MAPs to 40 new prospects during recent…

Bravatek expands sales team to present Ecrypt One and its enhanced line of MAPs
to 40 new prospects during recent Q4 sales blitz. Prospects include 22 IT Directors
& 12 CIOs throughout US in Aerospace, Healthcare, Finance &Education.

December 1, 2017 – AUSTIN, Texas – Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (OTCPink: BVTK, “Bravatek” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its Q4 sales blitz has been a huge success with record numbers of key sales presentations, product demos and verbal commitments obtained from key decision makers in health care, aerospace, finance, and education.
Jim Brown, Bravatek’s Vice President commented: “Our new business relationships have grown significantly during Q4 as key decision makers have moved closer to signing deals as they have seen the uptick in urgency due to the increased number of security breaches being reported from companies and government agencies from all across the nation.

“The transactions we are seeing discussed on both sides of the house are impressive. With the addition of key MAPs like Dark Pulse, NeQter Labs and ProActive IT, our sales efforts have brought us 14 solid opportunities to close business. Our inside sales team continues to outperform by setting up 57 appointments and delivering 21 product demos in the 4th quarter.

“While we are not at liberty to divulge the specific companies we are working with, the Company is making tremendous progress in building the trust necessary for these major corporate entities in healthcare, aerospace, finance and in the educational sector to give us control of their server environments and email systems along with helping them secure their entrance ways and corporate hallways along with other valuable resources and properties.

“One of the many keys to our success is in our ability to deliver a comprehensive solution both with hardware and software. The day of one program being the “be-all end-all” is long gone. Our ability to integrate multiple programs and appliances to deliver a comprehensive cyber security plan has paved the way for many of these interested parties to open their IT server rooms to us for a deeper look into how we can protect their current assets and eliminate cyber risks presented by Ransomware, virus, spam, phishing attack software and mal-ware.
“Just one example of how we are able to deliver integrated cyber security solutions came in a recent bidding situation with a major School District. This one School District has over 70 schools and they were recently breached. When we contacted them, we offered a solution where we combined three of our MAP product/services along with Ecrypt One and basically created a LOCK DOWN environment where the risk was reduced to practically nil. By eliminating the risk, we were granted access to submit our very detailed security plan. One of our strengths to gaining access was in our ability to provide world class software in Ecrypt One and the necessary hardware to monitor logins, and in providing the hardware to upgrade their current system.”

ECRYPT ONE delivers a powerful Email Management System designed to eliminate risks associated from Ransomware, Virus, Malware, Phishing and Spam. Ecrypt One is a full replacement for existing email servers/services. With its security-first design, it allows one to take back control of its messaging system and valuable data that flows through it.

ECRYPT ONE starts by “Blacklisting” the Internet, then “Whitelisting” only those you trust. This eliminates common attack vectors such as phishing. Automatically convert attachments to/from your organization to benign formats such as PDF to further eliminate attack surface. Cordon-off communication with semi-trusted external parties, forcing all communication through a web interface you control.

ECRYPT ONE automatically analyzes and filters content to make sure only the IP you want to flow in and out does. Your users use the same email clients and devices but don’t have to be security experts!

We were also able to provide one-day workshops both in person and online to train the employees of the school district on how to identify vulnerabilities and how to deal with them once they were identified. Our goal is still the same, whether we block the risk or an employee identifies it: namely, to eliminate the risk associated with emails and eliminate any unauthorized access, and we were able to address both situations to school district’s liking.

Our relationships with our MAPs have been exceptional. NeQter Labs has a strong reputation for providing advanced technological solutions while at the same time providing excellent service; both on-site and in the cloud. NeQter Labs IT solution “CM171 Core Module” appliance is an amazing piece of hardware that has the ability to perform the following: Intuitive Dashboard Interface, Inventory Management, Network Management, Authentication Monitoring, Log Management, Windows Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Web Filtering, File Change Monitoring, and Internal Honeypot (Insider Threats).

Dark Pulse is recognized as a practical solution for securing perimeters and monitoring components of any valuable critical infrastructure like airports, oil fields, border walls, etc.

ProActive IT is a certified partner/software/hardware certified engineer with each of these leading technology companies, enabling them to provide you with the highest level of service and expertise. THESE PARTNERS include Microsoft, HP, Intel, SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Tenable, Dell, Acronis, AT&T, and Amazon Web Services. ProActive IT delivers IT expertise in the form of installation, training and in monitoring server activity. They provide hardware, software and consulting solutions designed to help our clients achieve their stated goals with regards to specific function, security and operational efficiency.

The “Ultimate Cyber Security Defense System”
Bravatek is getting ready to launch its ultimate ‘Cyber Security Defense System’. Our MAPs will play an integral part in identifying, blocking, and eliminating most cyber threats moving forward. This “Closed Loop” system will offer a complete suite of cyber security solutions that may include Ecrypt One, Dark Pulse, Crucial Trak, Enterprise Sentinel, Viking Telecom, Silanis, Voosh, and ProActiveIT products and/or services, along with others.

This first-ever “Closed Loop” security system will be able to identify everyone who is on the server in cyber space and also identify who is inside a physical premise, and keep everyone else out. By way of example, by combining Ecrypt One email management software with Sentinel Enterprise’s two factor authentication, we should be able to insure that only those invited to participate in a particular business matter can—a perfect double play combo for our prospective clients.

Telecom activity remains very strong. Orders are being booked throughout this current quarter by both HelpComm and MHC–which should yield revenue this current quarter. Viking’s IDIQs (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantities) contracts are being pursued/utilized by both HelpComm and MHC at this time. In addition, detailed due diligence is almost completed to complete the acquisition of HelpComm. Also, BVTK is negotiating with other telecom construction and service suppliers for a more permanent relationship. Finally, both HelpComm and MHC are in negotiations with major telecom providers for additional, substantial POs.

About Bravatek Solutions, Inc.
Bravatek Solutions, Inc. is a high technology security solutions portfolio provider that assists corporate entities, governments and individuals protect their organizations against both physical and cyber-attacks through its offering of the most technically-advanced, cost-effective and reliable software, tools and systems.
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