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Innovative software solutions designed to address modern business and security problems.

Ecrypt One

Ecrypt One is a security-first, full service email system. It combines email server technology, with a variety of security methods and solutions.

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Tuitio™ from Bravatek is a new antivirus software.

Monitors the behaviour of applications in the system rather than doing traditional signature matching like other antivirus software.

" Pre-Launch Offer: Due to high interest, Bravatek is making Tuitio available for sale NOW.
As such, we will provide you with an easy way to download our patented software within four weeks or less. "

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Enterprise Sentinel

Enterprise Sentinel® is a full featured enterprise caliber authentication system.

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Silanis e-Signatures

Silanis is the world’s leading provider of electronic signatures.

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Whitenoise is a patented encryption, verification and authorization capability.

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