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Overview Protecting AV equipment may seem like a low priority in the grand scheme of things. However, many businesses relay far more critical information over unified communication systems than one would initially think. Corporate strategy, intellectual property, financial information, and employee records can all be compromised by a lack of AV/UC security. Bravatek is leading the way in the AV/UC industry by including enterprise grade security by default in all AV/UC projects.

Prevent Bravatek takes your security seriously. The first step to the Securitatem AV program is to prevent as many incidents as possible before they occur. Securitatem AV offering includes a range of security tools to protect your AV infrastructure from malicious actors.

Detect & Respond No prevention solution can ever guarantee complete safety. That’s why Securitatem AV includes automated detection and response of potentially malicious connections. We use machine learning, threat intelligence, and advanced analytics to monitor every connection that occurs to your AV environment.

Report Our Securitatem AV offering automatically generates both high level, and detailed reports so you can easily stay up to date on the security of your AV environment.


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