High-tech Software Tools and Systems


We address challenges holistically.  Our solutions challenge conventional thinking in order to solve modern security problems.

Ecrypt One

Ecrypt One is a security-first, full service email system. It combines email server technology, with a variety of security methods and solutions.

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Tuitio® from Bravatek is a new antivirus software.

Monitors the behaviour of applications in the system rather than doing traditional signature matching like other antivirus software.

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Securitatem™ AV Protection by BVTK

Your Privacy and Security Matters.

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Innovative application and system software solutions to meet modern business and security problems.

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An important component of our strategy is our developing a strong partner network to date, we have established strategic marketing partnerships with several unique organizations, providing a variety of specialized security-oriented products and solutions.

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A synergic marriage of software and tools designed to solve modern business and security challenges.

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Bravatek Specializes in 5 Key Markets

  • Bravatek Examines Healthcare

    HIPPA regulations are a moving target, making it difficult to maintain compliance. Conventional solutions provide a fragment of the required protection from data leaks and liability. We solve security and compliance problems holistically, ensuring the security of information and HIPAA compliance.

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  • Bravatek Examines Government and Military

    Matters of national security require absolute discretion. There’s a need for inter-agency and intra-agency collaboration, however, conventional security methods cripple interaction with other agencies and allies. Bridging the two opposing needs results in solutions that support, not hinder, operations.

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  • Bravatek Examines Law Enforcement

    The importance of balancing timeliness and collaboration with security is a challenge. Conventional security can impede investigations, and security failures compromise intelligence. We look at security in the context of the environment in order to secure operations from the inside and out.

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  • Bravatek Examines Financial Services

    Financial institutions, by their very nature, are a lucrative target for criminals. The market, however, demands the convenience of virtual access. This is in conflict with the critical and enforced requirement for security. Regarding security as supportive of business goals results in compliance, increased competitive advantage and a lower total cost of ownership.

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