Bravatek Examines Legal Services

The latest technologies will continue to be embraced by attorneys, however, this expands criminal ability to access privileged client information that is entrusted to firms. Maintaining ethical and common law obligations to secure information systems against attack, while incorporating modern technology is a dilemma we can solve.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Voltaire.

Trust is the corner stone of the attorney-client relationship. The very nature of an attorney’s role necessitates confidentiality of information.
A driving force in this highly competitive and fast-paced profession is the need for agility and mobility. Under conventional systems, the move toward these areas creates a direct threat to security. Failure to adequately protect information and communications have effects such as breach of attorney-client privilege, malpractice action and waiver of rights through inadvertent disclosure, which can be devastating to a firm or a case.

There’s more to an effective security initiative than just mandate and disclaimers in emails. We bridge the disparity between the two challenges by addressing them as a single problem. Our approach is to optimize security through new perspectives, distilling the problem to discover essential insights before proposing a solution.

Responsibility to the greater good is a power well served. Give us a call. Bravatek. Smart. Simple. Secure.