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Bravatek Examines Healthcare

HIPPA regulations are a moving target, making it difficult to maintain compliance. Conventional solutions provide a fragment of the required protection from data leaks and liability. We solve security and compliance problems holistically, ensuring the security of information and HIPAA compliance.

People make mistakes. We’re human.

The problem is, failure to follow policies and procedures are mistakes that come at a very high price.
Especially in an industry so stringently regulated.
These same strict regulations are changing frequently, placing the industry in a constant game of compliance catch-up. Positions to resolve the situation through conventional responsive approaches have proved expensive and ineffective. The penalty for failing to keep up with the transforming landscape can be costly for an organization.

The industry needs to achieve a state of agility, embracing new tools to accelerate communications. Under conventional systems the move toward mobile can be a major threat to security. The search for balance between business needs and security, while managing compliance is an ongoing business problem.

Our approach is to ask a lot of questions and investigate the answers from new perspectives. By considering all the factors together, we’re able to provide solutions that treat the problem holistically.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your organization, take two meetings and call us in the morning. Ecrypt – Smart, Simple, Secure Information Solutions.