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Bravatek Examines Financial Services

Financial institutions, by their very nature, are a lucrative target for criminals. The market, however, demands the convenience of virtual access. This is in conflict with the critical and enforced requirement for security. Regarding security as supportive of business goals results in compliance, increased competitive advantage and a lower total cost of ownership.

The most effective trade in the market.
Ineffective conventional systems for optimized, inherently secure information solutions.

Modern financial institutions are facing a dilemma. One side of the coin sees clients demanding the convenience of more virtual access, however, that’s a huge threat to security. The other side of the coin shows security regulators are tightening the belt.

Conventional security’s ineffective patchwork of add-on solutions show that the total cost of ownership seems to hit the bottom line harder than the threats they are supposed to defend against. These same current systems contribute to the difficulty in maintaining compliance, which impedes business development.

The effects of a breach can be devastating. Not only is an organization harmed financially, reputation and trust are also compromised in an industry where these are valued with such importance.

Our approach is to optimize the system, placing people at the heart of our solutions and making technology work harder. By considering each challenge as a part of a complete business problem, we can solve the dilemma in a cost effective and efficient way, lowering the total cost of ownership and expediting a return on security investment.

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