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Tuitio® from Bravatek.

intuitive behaviour software

Tuitio® from Bravatek is a new antivirus software.Monitors the behaviour of applicataions in the system rather than doing traditional signature matching like other antivirus software. 


The Software for Mac OS will be available early 2019

*the price is $49.95  per person per year

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Protects Windows devices. BLOCKS or PREVENTS advanced malware threats


Protection for online banking

Prevents personal data loss


Easy to use – with no productivity impact

Monitors the behaviour of applications in the system rather


Tuitio® from Bravatek is a unique breach PREVENTION tool for endpoints, not just breach detection.
  • Tuitio® uses a patented approach to halt the detonation or the first stage attack, stopping zero-day, polymorphic, and file-less malware in its tracks. Stopping the harm from polymorphic and trending file-less malware attacks is our priority Number One and only Tuitio® is proven to stop these attacks. It carries a “light footprint” and is proven not to interfere with performance at the endpoint, while scaling to hundreds of thous ands of endpoints.


  • What’s really core to Tuitio® is this: it monitors the behaviour of applications in the system rather than doing traditional signature matching like other anti-virus software.


    • This has important implications: Tuitio® can detect malware without an anti-virus vendor having identified it and sent out more signatures. Once detected, Tuitio® immediately shuts down the bad process, such as ransomware. Usually this encrypts all your files and asks for money. Tuitio® stops apps like WannaCry dead in its tracks. WannaCry does it right (unfortunately) – the encryption is very good and renders your files worthless unless decrypted.


    • Another reason why we focus on behaviour vs. anti-virus signature detection: A common phishing attack goes like this: ‘Hey Martha, open this very secure document I sent you with a password’. The Word document is encrypted so she thinks she can trust it. However, the encryption also allows the attachment to get on to her computer undetected by anti-virus because there’s no signature match – it’s encrypted. Once un-encrypted on Marth’s computer, the bad script in the Word document can do what it wants. This will be detected and shut down by Tuitio®. It looks for the bad behaviour.


  • This is exactly what happened to the City of Atlanta! They are still recovering and may never get back all their computers and data. It’s exactly what happened to the Health systems in the UK.
Benefits of Providing Tuitio®

Tuitio® delivers this award-winning breach prevention system for computers, laptops, tablets, and VDIs running Windows operating systems from XP through Windows 10. It can also run on ATMs, POS devices and similar systems critical for Businesses. This consumer version contains the same security and is meant for your personal use.
Tuitio®’ s infrastructure is capable of h andling orders to exceed projected dem ands. Volume orders are h andled seamlessly with an efficient reporting capability. Product licenses are bundled with the install package prior to user download to make the customer’s install experience as smooth as possible. A User Guide is also available for download.

The Value to a Service Provider

The Small-Medium Business (SMB) sector is the most under-supported sector for anti-malware solutions. Small businesses can neither afford nor manage the complex and costly solutions that the largest of enterprises might implement. Analysts have reported that the SMB sector is therefore targeted by adversaries who underst and the target companies have limited malware defense, and that 40 – 50 % of SMBs cannot recover from an attack once a breach occurs.
Tuitio® offers multiple options for all sized accounts that are neither complex nor costly. A service provider can immediately lower the risk of a breach by distributing Tuitio® to their customers using a seamless implementation process. The clarity of an optional integrated reporting process is also key to a service provider.

Having trouble installing, please contact Tuitio® support: