Bravatek Solutions Signs 3 Companies to Ecrypt One Pilot Programs

VP of Sales increases reach with new Sales Team, Digital Training Center, and Online DEMO Program and also negotiating new…

VP of Sales increases reach with new Sales Team, Digital Training Center, and Online DEMO Program and also negotiating new orders through SEWP…

June 29, 2017 – AUSTIN, Texas – Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (OTCPINK:BVTK), a next generation cyber security software, hardware and solutions provider, today announced that it has agreed to terms to launch pilot programs with 3 prominent Fortune 1000 companies in the fields of health Care, IT services and Aerospace/Defense. Mr. Jim Brown, Senior Vice President of Sales has been working diligently to coordinate the launch of our Pilot Program and these agreements signify a healthy trend that is just beginning to show the significant potential for our patent-pending software email solution, Ecrypt One.
During Brown’s first 30 days, the Bravatek sales team has given over 50 presentations to qualified IT Directors, CTOs and corporate CEOs, and in light of the recent flurry of cyber attacks, the increase in phone inquiries and emails requesting information and wanting to schedule a Demo is definitely a positive indicator of more things to come.
The early success of our pilot program has made it clear that corporations, as well as government and military agencies are now seriously looking for the security benefits that Ecrypt One provides. Along with its “lock down” capability to prevent virus, spam, as well as phishing attacks and the attacks proliferated by malware, Bravatek also delivers a powerful customer employee education program to insure our customers’ employees are properly trained and educated on how to spot cyber-attacks.
With our surge of activity, Mr. Brown has begun placing and training qualified sales consultants throughout the country. The plan is to have nation-wide coverage with a team
of sales professionals specially trained in cyber security. So far, the team we have assembled has shown a strong commitment to want to be the #1 cyber security team in the country.
We are all dedicated professionals striving to help our clients get retro-fitted with the best cyber security software, services and tools. Our goal is to help each client improve their organization’s cyber defense systems. We are equally committed to educating and training our clients and their employees on how to defend against cyber-attacks. Bravatek currently has 9 new reps and consulting groups across the country representing the interests of Bravatek in markets like Chicago, Denver, D.C., Boston, NY, Phoenix, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Harrisburg, PA.
Mr. Brown commented: “Our goal is to be the #1 provider of cyber security solutions in the country. In order to do so effectively, Bravatek has launched a Digital Sales Training Center (“DSTC”); fully equipped with everything a Sales Consultant might need to sell Ecrypt One in their respective geographical and vertical markets. From training videos, white papers, price lists, forecasting tools, sales agreements, to email and letter libraries, this DSTC is truly state-of-the-art and is definitely going to assist our Reps to get up to speed quicker to make them more effective, and at the end of the day, enable even more sales.”
One of the most innovative improvements is our recently launched Online Demo Center. We are now capable of showcasing the powerful features and benefits of Ecrypt One to anyone in the world. We are looking to add our unique line of cyber security products and services that are currently being offered by our Market Alliance Partners (MAPs) to the DEMO center in Phase 2 of the build-out.
Bravatek recently received a landmark commitment from Phil Oakley, CEO at iC3. Along with being named a cyber security software supplier for this $20B SEWP Contract, Phil Oakley has scheduled a meeting for Bravatek to present to the Cyber Chief of Technology of the US Army on July 19th in Washington, D.C. To help facilitate the communication process, Bravatek has developed an online digital communication center to help iC3 be able to share the features and benefits of our products and services to the dozens of Agency Chiefs and Department Heads that iC3 has been working with over the years. Now that we have the tools in place, Bravatek is looking to close deals with the majority of the Departments that have expressed an interest in increasing their cyber security.

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