Ecrypt One from Bravatek Solutions, Inc. available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Ecrypt One cybersecurity email server now ready for easy trial or purchase

Austin, Texas – December7, 2015 – Ecrypt One from Bravatek Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB:ECRY), a direct replacement for conventional email systems, is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace for free* trial or full use.

Once installed, Ecrypt One is designed to replace traditional email servers that require additional security products and services to be secured. It is a more effective and affordable option and designed to be secure from the start.

The Ecrypt One email server, with all its cybersecurity and information safety features, is now easily available for purchase or free* trial on Amazon’s cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thirty-day, 10 user free* trials are an option when acquiring Ecrypt One from the AWS Marketplace. Customers may purchase a production license at any time to upgrade from a free trial.

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“The use of Amazon’s AWS is a great choice for our customers: low cost of ownership of cloud platform services comes from the large range of low-cost hosting and storage choices,” says Bravatek’s VP of Software Ian Treleaven. “AWS’ ease of administration is a great fit for Ecrypt One – the pre-built images with Ecrypt One already installed and configured makes getting into the product simple.”

Ecrypt One is designed to meet the risk tolerance levels of the most demanding and security-conscious organizations and is a solution for organizations with highly valued information flow that must remain secure.

“The maturity of Amazon’s AWS Marketplace makes it a logical location for customers to find solutions like Ecrypt One,” said Thomas A. Cellucci, Bravatek’s Chairman & CEO. “Everything they need is there in one place, making customer evaluation and acquisition of our product a smooth experience.”

The company says upgrading to Ecrypt One is not disruptive to operations. It uses open standards where possible to ease transition and ensure the highest levels of interoperability, availability, and compatibility with existing and future enterprise infrastructures. While seamless compatibility with existing email clients like Outlook, and those native to mobile devices means the transition to Ecrypt One is virtually transparent for end users.

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*Ecrypt One is available as a free trial with respect to product license fees. AWS hosting and domain registration fees may apply. For licensing information visit

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