Ecrypt One Powered for 5Ps.

While the whole world races to keep up with technology, we tighten our laces, join the race, and with the power of Ecrypt One, we safely preserve what is already there as the most widely adopted and applied healthcare application in the world – email.

As a freedom of expression, the Ecrypt One simple, smart, and secure email solution allows unity, diversity, and democracy for healthcare stakeholders ensuring patients receive the highest levels of quality and access to care at an affordable price.

With a few mouse clicks, exchanging personal health, medical, and financial information becomes attainable and realistic rather than heightened security and breach concerns. In our 5P stakeholder communities left pocket are hopes, dreams, and aspirations of secure communications to virtually review patient concerns and in the right pocket are the tools to diagnose and treat each patient with respect for their privacy. Each healthcare stakeholder is an island of excellence, but when collaboratively communicating and sharing images, scans, lab results, and vitals in a secure manner, Ecrypt One enables a hemisphere of hope for people around the globe.