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Ecrypt One in Government and Military

Ecrypt One is designed to the highest national security and military specification standards. An effective fortress safeguarding the exchange, storage, and audit integrity of email and attachments sent inter-agency, intra-agency and cross-border.

The name’s One. Ecrypt One.
A military strength email and encryption system. It assures the security, integrity and auditability of email and attachment communications, in transit and at rest.

Secure Intra-agency and Inter-agency Collaboration
Enables agencies to communicate securely with each other without compromising internal security or group, leadership and personnel divisions.

Secure Cross-border collaboration
The visitor access point is a completely secure email interaction portal. It enables agencies to communicate securely with external parties, such as vendors, suppliers and foreign government agencies without compromising internal security or structure.

Seamless Integration
Easily conforms and integrates into existing network enterprise equipment. The use of open standards where possible, ensures the highest levels of interoperability, availability and compatibility, with existing and future enterprise infrastructures.

Enables agencies to control, audit and verify the integrity of emails and attachments. Ecrypt One ensures compliance with acts, standards and regulations such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Source code and applications are available for review in accordance with government compliance requirements.

Access Controls
Provides agencies with absolute ability to control and limit access to the system, preventing the unauthorized access to, and distribution, of data.

Productivity and Mobility
Extremely transparent and seamless implementation and deployment, low latency, and excellent human factors interface for efficient workflow experiences. Inherent security within the self-contained system enables agencies to secure email and attachments on all types of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We eat elbow-grease for breakfast
We’re not here for a game of ‘ding, dong, ditch’. We’re hands-on. We’re thorough. We don’t leave until everything is up and running. And then, we’re here anytime you need us.

Like The Beatles, we perform a four phase approach.
Discovery Phase
This includes assembling a comprehensive understanding of an enterprises current system infrastructure. Exploring both technology and operations avenues. An absolute understanding of the business purpose for the security deployment. A definition of system requirements, which outlines what will need to be added, removed or changed in the existing technical infrastructure.

Customization Phase
This is where the entire system is tailored to meet all your enterprise needs in a fully bespoke solution. This includes designing the system, branding of all user facing interfaces, and other code monkey stuff.

Implementation Phase
Assisting IT with installation, configuration and integration into existing infrastructure.
Assisting necessary departments with deployment. Full orientation of IT staff and relevant employees. Preparation of recommendations and best practices documentation.

Included in our service are unlimited access to help desk assistance as well as product updates. For those of you about to glance glance back to the previous sentence to make sure you read it properly the first time. You did – unlimited access to help desk assistance as well as product updates.

Everybody knows there was always a fifth Beatle.
Added Benefit Options
We also offer complimentary technologies, through trusted partnerships, to optimize your system for mobile device management, document integrity assurance and two-factor authentication. We can, of course, also integrate with your existing solution already in place.