Product Details

Ecrypt One is designed for simplicity, ensuring administrators, compliance and security officers, and end-users are able to conduct their responsibilities efficiently and securely.

Ecrypt One is a direct replacement for conventional secured email systems consisting of an email server – such as Microsoft Exchange – bundled with email security products and services. We deliver it as a software appliance so you can install it on your preferred server hardware.

Ecrypt One is designed to meet the risk tolerance levels of the most demanding and security-conscious organizations. It is a solution for organizations with highly valued information flow that must remain secure.

It is also designed to comply with the most stringent data security regulations. It enables information assurance and eases compliance through dedicated Security Officer and Compliance Officer roles and dashboard.

Upgrading to Ecrypt One is not disruptive to operations. It uses open standards where possible to ease transition and ensure the highest levels of interoperability, availability, and compatibility with existing and future enterprise infrastructures. While seamless compatibility with existing email clients like Outlook, and those native to mobile devices means the transition to Ecrypt One is virtually transparent for end users.