Phone as a Token.

DynaMatrics® Phone as a Token is a unique multi-factor authentication solution that provides security levels that meet or exceed those of most other multi-factor authentication products. Our technology has proven to be extremely user friendly and it typically takes users less than 10 seconds to log in. It is also extremely cost effect and can be used on most platforms and devices.

The patent pending DynaMatrics Phone as a Token technology combines two strong authentication factors, mobile devices and the patented DynaMatrics knowledge based authentication solution, to create and use One-Time Passcodes across multiple communication streams. Although this may sound complex, it is astonishingly simple, fast and easy to use and requires only three process steps. Users simply 1) enter their pre-registered username into the log in location they wish to authenticate. This action triggers the transmission of a 2) unique DynaMatrics® clue table to the user’s pre-registered mobile device (including tablets). The user references the clue table to create their OTP based on their pre-registered DynaMatrics rule and then 3) enters the OTP into the log in location.

That’s it! No passwords, no external hardware to enter and receive codes, no (static) out of band messages that can be intercepted, and all with minimal keystrokes.

The high levels of security provided by DynaMatrics Phone as a Token are based in a unique process that combines Enterprise Sentinel’s extremely secure knowledge based graphic method of creating OTP’s with system registered devices. It is virtually impossible for an adversary to compromise the system as they would have possession of the user’s mobile device as well as know the user’s unique DynaMatrics rule. A DynaMatrics rule can only be compromised after multiple witnessed events of both the randomly generated clue table and the user’s input against each table. With DynaMatrics Phone as a Token however, the clue table and user’s input are delivered through different communication channels making it extremely difficult to observe or phish.

Also, the DynaMatrics Phone as a Token clue tables are never stored on the mobile device and are invisible to any malware that may be present on the device. Installation is fast and easy and users can register for the service in minutes.