cost effective and versatile authentication

The Enterprise Sentinel® – DynaMatrics® authentication solution is an extremely user friendly method of creating very secure one-time passcodes that are resistant to most forms of authentication compromise. Adding other form factors such as the unique Phone as a Token technology to the DynaMatrics 1.5 factor authentication increases security even further while remaining very fast and easy to use.

Cloud and server based Enterprise Sentinel – DynaMatrics authentication solutions are very cost effective because they do not require additional hardware such as tokens or smartcards, and Phone as a Token does not incur the costs of SMS messaging. On top of that, one-time passcode capabilities eliminate the administrative burden, user hassle and cost of constant password resets.

Enterprise Sentinel authentication solutions are easy to install and user self-enrollment is quick and intuitive. DynaMatrics can be used on any device or platform to easily and cost effectively replace passwords or cumbersome multi-factor products.