Stop all cyber security attacks with a single key and a moving target, self-healing network defines

A single, unbreakable Whitenoise key creates an unlimited number of one time use keys. This provides a moving target defense that has never been breached. Whitenoise distributed technologies prevent all cyber attacks and perform all network security controls with a single key.

A single distributed Whitenoise master key creates an unlimited number of unique and unbreakable keys that are given to all persons, mobiles and components on your network which are then continuously monitored and authenticated.

Security as a Service is a platform for SML businesses and general consumers. You can build a fast, economical, virtual, secure network server where you will be able to choose and customize secure services to protect your mobile and enterprise communications; privately stream data, secure cloud storage, secure data transfer and have 7 X 24 identity management and network monitoring. You decide whether you want a managed service or whether you have the server cloned and delivered to you.

Developers and manufacturers will be able to rapidly configure and test the security for your applications and products.