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STEP: the System That Eliminates Problems.

STEP is a business navigation systems that enables organizations to prevent errors and omissions

The Last STEP in Quality Evolution.

STEP - the “System That Eliminates Problems” will eliminate omissions and mistakes by forcing adherence to business rules and requirements. STEP is a field-proven software system that melds Business Process Management (BPM), Activity Based Management (ABM) and a real-time asynchronous Execution System to assure compliance to existing business rules, specifications, regulations, and requirements. A key benefit welcomed by our customers is the significant cost savings associated with not allowing things to be done incorrectly. STEP works by locking down the process and employing a real-time expert knowledge base at the point of activity. In short, STEP eliminates the possibility of doing something wrong.

As an example, STEP has been in service at Abbott Labs for over 5 years providing ZERO ERRORS due to omissions and mistakes in their medical device operations.

Traditional Approach.

The traditional approach to success assumes one knows nothing about a reported problem which creates the need to collect, organize, analyze, report, assign, implement and follow-up on any situations needing a solution. Only after the situation is recognized as frequent enough to be costly (and worth the time to expend the resources needed to research a root cause) will an attempt be made to fix it. As the world becomes flatter and supply chains increase in complexity, a solution is needed to this “fix it” approach. While the traditional approach assumes ignorance--the STEP approach employs wisdom.

One Simple Principle: Prevention.

QCR's team does not just talk about improvement. They force it! Industry experience has proven that most companies can save from 20% to 40% of their total production costs by implementing a Quality Improvement program. STEP does not improve, but rather eliminates, mistakes and rework.

Ask yourself, "if every activity at every process within my organization was performed correctly, how much could I save?”

With STEP’s omission & mistake-proofing software (patent pending), these costs can be eliminated. In a time when cost-containment is paramount across government and the commercial space, who can afford not to examine this capability?

Quality Execution.

If you or your organization is using daily/weekly/monthly corrective action reports to ensure quality and productivity gains--you’re, quite frankly on the wrong track. A system must be installed that automatically mandates that processes and activities be performed and verified to requirements when they are being performed. Even exceptions can be modeled and handled as part of the STEP system rules.

Culture of Quality.

Every organization has a quality culture either planned or unplanned. As the world becomes flatter, this culture becomes more important to organizations, especially in more developed countries. Companies need to assess exactly what their culture is. They cannot afford using valuable resources on correction activities. Let us help you become the envy of your marketplace for superior quality, on-time delivery and outstanding customer satisfaction—all done while increasing your bottom line.