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Cicada is a non-invasive and scalable physical security solution for computer hardware.

Cicada picks up where others leave off.

Cicada is a non-invasive and scalable security solution which protects active and authenticated computers against incidental data exposure and asset loss caused by attempted theft or tamper. Developed for government, enterprise, or personal use, the Cicada has been engineered to extend your protective limits beyond the capabilities of common end point security technologies including encryption, authentication, DLP, A/V or anti-malware.

Simply set-and-go.

Work while your mobile devices are protected. Cicada is a discreet USB device engineered to provide real-time protection by monitoring multiple trigger sources for suspicious activity.

Once armed, any attempt to steal or tamper with your computer will trigger the Cicada system to invoke protective actions, including:

  • Instantly lock the computer
  • Dismount encrypted storage
  • Disconnect secure networks or cloud based services
  • Enable an audible siren on both the host and the Cicada device
  • Issue an instant alert via SMS, or email.
  • Destroy crypto keys (optional)
  • Brick host hardware (optional)

The Cicada advantage.

Eliminate the Security Blind Spot

Active computers in operation outside the physical security once provided by the office environment pose a serious challenge to those responsible assuring the security of stored or accessible data. Cicada is the only security product to protect against physical threat by actively detecting attempted theft, or tamper, and responsively invoke protective actions.

Cicada, a complementary solution

Cicada does not replace existing authentication, encryption or other end point security. In fact, the Cicada complements these technologies by adding visibility and protection against risks which are not visible to them.

Enhancing Authentication

The Cicada can be used as an additional authentication factor for local host or network authentication. Each Cicada device has an embedded unique Electronic Serial Number (ESN) which can be used as an additional authentication factor, enhancing the effectiveness of your present authentication model. Natively recognized by Cisco, Avaya, Juniper, and other authentication gateway technologies, the Cicada can be integrated as a valuable addition to most Single Sign-On and Federated Identity environments.

Enhanced Cicada Protection.

Cicada’s Monitoring Service subscription automatically delivers event notification alerts via SMS or email the moment compromise or network service interruption is detected.

Practical, Cost-Effective Mobile Data and Asset Protection

Cicada provides comprehensive anti-theft and anti-tamper solution, enabling quick, cost-effective protection for data mobile assets. More than a theft prevention solution, Cicada safeguards data from tamper, and unauthorized access, providing strong real-time security for confidential and private information.

Smart, Policy Based Technology

As each user may have differing work habits, the Cicada provides a flexible and easy to manage security policy that can be adapted to each users specific work habits or environment. Some of the trigger sources monitored by Cicada include:

Power state change
Network link state change
Bluetooth device link state
Insertion of writable media
Peripheral insertion or removal
Compliance to Data Privacy Regulations

The requirement to demonstrate comprehensive compliance to regulatory privacy objectives throughout your organization is critical to preventing fines, and liabilities which can be imposed due to information exposure. With the addition of Cicada physical threat aware technologies you extend your security visibility to ensure that all confidential information is protected from exposure the moment attempted theft or tamper occurs.

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Cicada Security Technology Inc. (CST) is a developer of innovative security products engineered to address a common security blind spot, the protection of assets and data from the risks attributed to attempted theft, tamper, and the unauthorized exposure of confidential information. The technologies developed by CST are designed and manufactured in Québec, Canada and have application across a market sector, which despite its importance, has been under served, and has no competition.

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