Cicada picks up where others leave off.

Cicada is a non-invasive and scalable security solution which protects active and authenticated computers against incidental data exposure and asset loss caused by attempted theft or tamper. Developed for government, enterprise, or personal use, the Cicada has been engineered to extend your protective limits beyond the capabilities of common end point security technologies including encryption, authentication, DLP, A/V or anti-malware.

Simply set-and-go.

Work while your mobile devices are protected. Cicada is a discreet USB device engineered to provide real-time protection by monitoring multiple trigger sources for suspicious activity.

Once armed, any attempt to steal or tamper with your computer will trigger the Cicada system to invoke protective actions, including:

  • Instantly lock the computer
  • Dismount encrypted storage
  • Disconnect secure networks or cloud based services
  • Enable an audible siren on both the host and the Cicada device
  • Issue an instant alert via SMS, or email.
  • Destroy crypto keys (optional)
  • Brick host hardware (optional)