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Genesys Technologies.

Genesys is a Government contractor providing specialty equipment, technologies and services.


Genesys Technologies Limited is an actively growing company that provides specialty equipment, technologies and services under international contracting opportunities, including direct sales various government agencies. The company is involved in programs for the creation of countermeasures from terrorist biological and chemical threats.

Today the international marketplace offers substantial prospects for U.S. firms in the business of selling technology-based products and services, and Genesys is a proud member of the community of suppliers supporting U.S. and coalition activities around the world.

Areas of Interest
    Nano/Micro Fuels
    Defence and Military


Genesys Resonant Active Tunable Antenna.

As one of a kind antenna system that offers several advantages over standard antenna systems.

  • Significant reduction in received/transmitted intermodulation and harmonics
  • Immunitity to jamming and spoofing
  • Dynamically tunable over a wide bandwidth on one antenna
  • Less than one fourth the size of traditional antennas on the same wavelength
  • Truly omnidirectional transmission
  • Greater power efficiency
Bringing Internet Connectivity to Remote Regions
"Broadband internet access is viewed as essential infrastructure for participating in today's economy, as it enables citizens, businesses and institutions to access information, services and opportunities that could otherwise be out of reach."

In northern Ontario, Canada a significant number of communities are too isolated to be connected to traditional internet networks. The Genesys Pilot Project will provide connection link between the ISP's network located in Kenora and the Grassy Narrows local WiFi network.

Trucks & Trailers.

Genesys has manufacturing capabilities and dealership relations with major heavy and medium truck manufacturers in U.S, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Following requests for our governmental and commercial clients, Genesys’ Engineering Department along with OEMs for the vehicles, engine and transmission manufacturers, had developed several models with automatic and semi-automatic transmission based on very reliable and price-competitive models. Models that are currently available have 4x2, 4x4, 4x6 and 6x6 wheel configuration. Future plans include 8x8 vehicle to be available soon.

Modern powertrain allows these vehicles to be used in countries with higher emission standards. Our re-design team thought of a driver and passengers: outdated cabs are greatly improved with AC, comfortable seats, automatic transmission and modern controls. Considering significant demand in military-style heavy vehicles Genesys developed cab and full vehicle protection packages. The highest level of armor protection can be achieved with concealed armoring and with armor plates package easily installed by users.

Our vehicles are suited for various purposes: Troop and Cargo Movers, Fuel, Water, Material Handling Equipment


Genesys is focused on development and implementation of novel ideas and methods for the BioChemDefence industry.

  • Developing a universal Flu Vaccine (against H5N1 and it’s predicted mutated forms and other strains of Bird Flu)
  • Developing a vaccine against Orthopoxoviruses (including Smallpox and potentially weaponized “chimeras”) - the vaccine has much broader (than existing ones) coverage and much less side effects
  • Intranasal vaccine against Dengue
  • Vaccine against Lassa Fever
  • “Blocker” for variety of particularly dangerous viruses (e.g. Filoviruses—Marburg, Ebola)—based on receptor’s chemistry
  • Si RNA’s interference for combating most of particularly dangerous viruses (based on applying proprietary delivery methods and specifically targeting infected cells to minimize "off-target" gene knock-out)
  • Developing unique genome sequencing technology for superfast identification of pathogens and using the knowledge of their genetics to create “quick countermeasures”
  • Blocking of Attachment of PA of Anthrax (based on receptor’s chemistry and nanosciences)
  • Next generation of vaccine (against Anthrax)
  • Next generation of vaccine against Tularemia
  • Specific use of immunomodulation
  • Developing of general approach to increase stability of vaccines for achieving highest immunogenicity and the efficiency of vaccines directed against particularly dangerous bacterial pathogens
  • Improving "delivery" and safety of existing vaccines based on nanochemistry
  • Development a postexposure treatment of Prion induced disease
  • Nanoencapsulation for delivery of genetic material (DNA, RNA, nucleotides) inside the cells. Possible applications (facilitation of the use of DNA based vaccines, siRNA interference etc.). Areas of application:
    • pre and post exposure treatment of variety of pathogens;
    • oncology
    • stem cells
    • delivery of drugs
  • ID based on nanoparticles while there are different nanocapsules and nanoparticles on the market today we offer the ones with unique chemical, physical, optical properties that allows creating specific “readable” combinations for identification of both “box” and it’s content as well as countering of counterfeiting
  • Use of magnetic nanoparticles to monitor and direct distribution of bioobjects (eg.stemcells delivery)
  • Use of specific nanocapsules for remote release of specific substances (the remote release is triggered by the irradiation using specific wave length)
  • New method for genome sequencing (up to 30,000 times faster than most advanced PCR)—based on nanosurface properties of specific matrix and use of nanoscopic digital reading. This allows reading uninterrupted DNA without errors (while best PCR’s have 4-5 errors on 1000 sequenced nucleotides). Our method allows re-reading any part of the DNA molecule. Applications---countless (from detection of pathogens and rapid deciphering of new or mutated ones to ID for humans and comparative genetics and personalized pharmacotherapy)
  • Nanoluminograph: new device that allows a “fingerprinting “of any substance. E.g. had it been used during post 9/11 Anthrax attacks it would have allowed to describe exact conditions of the lab where it was produced and to say if they all came from one place. It’s needless to say about its potential in crime/terrorism investigations.Besides, another application is learning quickly about consequences of different physical exposures on materials (applications---military, aerospace---investigation of materials under exposure to high energy radiation)
Other areas
  • Creating specific tissue (based on nanotechnology) that will release specific medications immediately upon exposure of the soldier or emergency worker to the different physical, chemical agents
  • Developing light armor
  • Enabling transfusions of mismatched blood without harmful effects in emergency situations and mass casualties

Genesys is also working on some areas of material (natic) science. The medical application of this is creating a modernized and very reliable contact lens (with specific upgrades for combat/emergency situations) and self degradable material for orthopedic/trauma surgery (to avoid the stress of repeated operations to remove metal or other shifts, stems, screws etc).

Other Projects.

Other projects in which Genesys Technologies is involved include:

  • Additional nano-technology innovations
  • Nano/micro Fuels
  • Electrical power supply projects