5.2.3 Resonant Active Tunable Antenna
The Genesys Resonant Tunable Antenna (GRAT) system is one of a kind and offers several advantages over standard antenna systems.
 Significant reduction in received/transmitted intermodulation and harmonics
 Immunity to jamming and spoofing
 Dynamically tunable over a wide bandwidth on one antenna
 Less than one fourth the size of traditional antennas on the same wavelength
 Truly omnidirectional transmission
 Greater power efficiency
Bringing Internet Connectivity to Remote Regions
In northern Ontario, Canada a significant number of communities are too isolated to be connected to traditional Internet networks. 

The Genesys Technologies Pilot Project will provide connection link between the ISP’s network located in Kenora and the Grassy Narrows local WiFi network.
5.2.4 Bio-Defense
Genesys Technologies is focused on developing and implementation of novel ideas and methods for BioChem Defense industry.
Project examples:
 Virusology
• Developing a universal Flu Vaccine (against H5N1 and its predicted mutated forms and other strains of Bird Flu)  Nanotechnology
• Use of magnetic nanoparticles to monitor and direct distribution of bio-objects (e.g., stem cells delivery)
 Bacteriology
• Next generation of vaccine (against Anthrax)  Other areas
• Enabling transfusions of mismatched blood without harmful effects in emergency situations and mass casualties.
5.2.5 Trucks and Trailers
Genesys Technologies has manufacturing capabilities and dealership relations with major heavy and medium truck manufacturers in U.S, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia.
 Following requests for its governmental and commercial clients, Genesys’ Engineering Department along with OEMs for the vehicles, engine and transmission manufacturers, had developed several models with automatic and semi-automatic transmission based on very reliable and price-competitive models.
 Models that are currently available have 4×2, 4×4, 4×6 and 6×6 wheel configuration. Future plans include 8×8 vehicle to be available soon.
 Modern powertrain allows these vehicles to be used in countries with higher emission standards.
 Genesys re-design team thought of a driver and passengers: outdated cabs are greatly improved with AC, comfortable seats, automatic transmission and modern controls.
 Considering significant demand in military-style heavy vehicles Genesys developed cab and full vehicle protection packages. The highest level of armor protection can be achieved with concealed armoring and with armor plates package easily installed by users.
Genesys vehicles are suited for various purposes: Troop and Cargo Movers, Fuel, Water, Material Handling Equipment.
5.2.6 Nano/Micro Fuels
The recently developed technology of microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation allows emulsion of liquid fuel, such as benzene, diesel fuel, sunflower oil and other water non-mixable hydrocarbons of different sort. This method of encapsulating fuel is primarily used towards more efficient energy creation in engines, turbines, heaters, furnaces, and others.
5.2.7 Electrical Power Supply Projects
Genesys Technologies is involve in a number of plans and projects around the world, including:
 Procurement of power generating equipment (especially diesel generators) for Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
 Procurement of GPUs (Ground Power Units) for airbases in Iraq and Afghanistan areas.
 Electrical Power Supplies in new countries of the former USSR namely Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
 Overhead Power Transmission Line from Datka to Kermen in Kyrgyzstan which should connect the Northern reach of energy part of the country with its Southern part