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innoBots is a world leader in innovative, unmanned systems and robotics technology.

innoBots designs and builds robots that make a difference

innoBots systems can be utilized to monitor a country’s borders, assist law enforcement personnel, monitor pipeline and utility assets, or simply to locate lost or distressed loved ones.

innoBots can be launched quickly, day or night, function remotely under any conditions and provide precise, situational awareness whatever the mission.

innoBots fleet includes:

    Ground Systems
    Air Systems
    Vision Systems
    Mission Planning and Simulation

Ground Systems.

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Air Systems.

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Vision Systems.

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Mission Planning and Simulation.

mission planning

With its line of products, innoBots provides a high-end ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and UAV/UGV Mission Planning and Simulators system for innoBots Platforms, every Mission and every Payload alongside with additional comprehensive professional services and instructors.

innoBots Stand Alone Planning and Training System provides high-end environment and Mission Planning and Simulation, as well as instructional capabilities, allowing training of novice to expert trainees in different operating positions; all in a synthetic environment.

​innoBots Mission training and Simulators can be easily customized for every platform, payload or mission.

About our Partner


innoBots is a world leader in innovative, unmanned systems and robotics technology purpose built for use in military and law enforcement applications and designed to protect personnel and to deliver lifesaving results.

A family owned business, innoBots has a proven track record in military applications abroad - culminating in more than 25 years of research, development, and testing. innoBots corporate headquarters is located in Gainesville, Georgia. The company also has offices in Israel and China.

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