There is a clear need and high demand at the regional, national, and international level to increase the proportion of a Publich Private Partnership members on boards and in senior leadership positions. At the same time, demand is high for more capital to invest in businesses so they can grow and develop.

Many men and women possess high motivation and great development potential to become great leaders and successful investors. The only problem is that they are not readily visible and “might as well not be there” as the saying goes. Nüwa is a program designed to create both the conditions and opportunities for these men and women to become visible and also challenged to take the next step to become people who invest capital or gains expertise in the enterprise. This will promote growth, and create the conditions for long-term success.

Nüwa has become a catalyst that creates national and international business growth, new partnerships, cooperation and networking; which in turn can lead to more business formation, increased export opportunities and new capital.

Simply stated, Nüwa contributes to the creation of more jobs and increased tax revenues.

The Nüwa business concept was developed by Maya Global Enterprises.

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