Heeding the Call to Make a Real Difference in End-User Performance

At RMA we did something unique; took the concept of a body armor plate and made changes to every detailed part. We changed materials, adhesives, ceramics and more. Every part – down to the thread – was analyzed and made better through science and chemistry. The end result? A record-breaking ballistic plate that out performs every competitor in the industry. Why go to great lengths to make such a product that’s costly, and labor intensive? Because it’s our passion to make a product you can truly put your life behind. RMA was borne of the BLUE and it’s our passion to protect the BLUE. RMA Armament, Inc. is a privately held Veteran-owned HUBzone small business which designs, manufactures and markets patented and NIJ certified hard body armor plates at its production fortress in Centerville, IA. Founder and CEO Blake Waldrop is a U.S. Marine veteran and former Law Enforcement officer who created the company to build stronger, lighter and more affordable body armor.